It was in 2019 that the street artist Big Ben opened the ‘ART SHOW’ gallery in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon, a contemporary art gallery, particularly specialized in urban art. The ‘ART SHOW’ gallery defends art and artists in an equitable and equal dimension, where established and emerging artists rub shoulders. Having become a real meeting place for artists and art enthusiasts, the Art Show gallery mixes media, techniques and themes to reinvent itself with each new exhibition.

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Artists represented during the exhibition:


Olivia Ferrand:

Granddaughter of seamstresses, Olivia Ferrand could only reconnect with the thread. The hook that opened the doors of creation to her: slowness of the gesture, lightness of the works, it is her way of resisting the world and making the work of women visible.


Big Ben :

The walls tell stories.

Big Ben’s works are above all games… games of shapes, scenes, characters, spirit, slices of life, uncompromising moods that are displayed with humor and finesse on the walls of Lyon. Big Ben offers a look that is both childish and terribly sharp on our times. All the subjects are good for creations, diversions and other artistic compositions, for a result that immediately triggers a smile and a good mood.



Artist and designer, Erell experiments openly with a form of ephemeral appropriation of urban space.

His work comes from graffiti.

The module he uses today results from the splitting of a geometric shape, the regular hexagon, itself resulting from a schematization of his tag. From this practice, he retains the automatism of the gesture, the energy that transforms typography into a visual emblem, a logo, modular and adaptable, but also the viral character, living from the multiplication of the pattern. Like the tags that swarm on the walls of the city and bring it to life, Erell’s module is multiplied to generate an infinity of “molecular” patterns and geometric compositions that interact with architecture or street furniture. .

In his work as a visual artist, he uses different techniques and know-how (woodworking, metalwork, die-cutting, painting on glass or on concrete, etc.), particularly acquired during his training as a designer.


Nicolas Cluzel :

Nicolas Cluzel diverts works from the history of painting by updating them, through the prism of tragicomic.


Ememem :

Ememem is an anonymous contemporary artist who rose to fame in Lyon through his technique of flacking: the low-tech and creative mending of potholes in the city.

A flack, by extension, is the name given to works in situ. It is a door to a world where more beauty and fantasy are possible. It’s a little message of love delivered to the morning soles.


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