Virginie Barrou Planquart, the gallery’s founder, has always been deeply attracted to art. So the creation of a contemporary art gallery was an obvious choice in October 2010. Specialising in urban and neo-pop art, the gallery is developing an optimistic approach in which smiles and astonishment are central values.
Freshness, creativity, awareness and commitment are the wordsthat come to mind when browsing the collection, which brings together French and foreign artists, both emerging and established.
The gallery’s neo-pop artists use popular imagery, reinterpretations of existing works and the use of icons in brightly coloured, humorous works that gently guide the viewer towards discreetly more invested levels of reading. Fully immersed in the contemporary world and pop culture, theydescribe society through works that are subtle, deftly descriptive and deeply realistic.

The gallery also champions urban art through muralists who have graffitied, collaged and blazedtheir way onto walls around the world. They use street art to convey a positive and powerful message, using beauty, humour and surprise. They are fully part of this energetic movement, correlated with music, fashion, street culture and mass culture.
Many of the artists in the gallery are deeply inspired by materials. They sculpt monochrome bas-reliefs, compose works in real feathers, work with wire mesh, synthetic crystal, oil, watercolour, porcelain stoneware, paper, iron, plaster, resin and photography. They enthuse with their level of expertise and incredible techniques, resulting in works that are profound and breathtaking.
Emotion, combined with the principle of reality, is a pleasant prerequisite for reflection, which we happilyuse to encourage discovery. Our aim is to foster appreciation and understanding of contemporaryart by facilitating interaction between the public and the works. So, throughout the year, we meetforeign collectors at international art fairs and, at the same time, offer a programme of group and solo exhibitions at the gallery for special occasions. The works are exhibited over a longer period of time, allowing them to shine at the heart of the collection. The frenzy of the fairs combined with the quieter time of the exhibitions helps to strengthen the deep bond between artists and collectors and reflects the spirit of the gallery’s artistic selection, a blend of depth and


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