Art-Together is a device for promoting contemporary and urban art. The aim is to provide value for many stakeholders and in particular artists, collectors, patrons, the general public and the territory.
Art-Together ensures the production of remarkable projects on the basis of a theme defined in advance with the artist (s). This work is then presented by organizing exhibitions for the general public in museum format (scenography, book, film, cartels, etc.). The company ensures the sale of these works before, during and after the time of diffusion.
Art-Together realized the project “The 5 Elements” with the artist Futura 2000.

This project was the subject of an exhibition of more than 2 months in early 2019 in Berlin. Art-Together also supported the production “OÏKOS LOGOS” by artist ZEVS presented throughout the summer of 2021 at the MAMO Center d’Art de la Cité Radieuse in Marseille. Other projects with a single artist or as a collective are in the works.


3 rue Hegel 59000 LILLE

Artistes représentés

Agathe VERCHAFFEL - VLP - FUTURA2000 - Nils Jendri

2022, janu2024, janv2024, sept2022