Galerie Christiane Vallé was founded in Clermont-Ferrand in 1967 by René Chabannes and Christiane Vallé. Christiane Vallé was the first radiant face to appear on the Auvergne television screen (currently France 3). The gallery quickly asserted itself as a permanent and regional driving force for exhibitions led by artists of multiple origins and different visions.

In 2007, René Chabannes and Christiane Vallé sold their gallery to their son Cyril, who left it after his death to his son, David Chabannes (grandson of the gallery’s creators) in 2015.
Since its creation, the gallery has never ceased to present the artists of its time. Mixing between artists of great notoriety and names in the making, the gallery still continues to promote artists on the national scene, but also internationally.

Artists such as Bernard Buffet, Jean Moiras, Peter Klasen, Vladimir Velickovic, Pasqua, Segui, Jonone, Benjamin Spark, Shepard Fairey, Greg Léon Guillemin, Mr Garcin,… follow one another on the cymaises of the gallery.
Modern art, Street Art, Narrative figuration, Pop Art, the selection is large and yet well refined to meet the demands of art enthusiasts.
The goal is simple: “Anchor the gallery in its time”

2022, 2022