Lill’Art Gallery

The iconic gallery in Lille

Lill’art Galerie holds an exceptional position in the heart of Old Lille, featuring a 150 m2 space dedicated to contemporary art since 2017. The gallery consistently showcases a selection of contemporary artists, providing the public with the opportunity to discover new works of art and immerse themselves in various forms of artistic expression.

You will find a variety of paintings and sculptures that fill the space, and the most curious may even have the chance to explore our artist’s studio—an arched cellar—as well as a workshop area where other treasures of our gallery are preserved.

Deeply rooted in the urban fabric, our gallery is often described as “fascinating” or “magnificent” by those who visit, establishing itself as a must-visit among Lille’s art galleries.

Furthermore, we offer tax deduction and leasing solutions to support you in your artistic projects. We look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to our artistic universe.


Lill’Art Gallery
+33 (0)6 23 89 16 06
15 rue des vieux murs 59000 LILLE


Antoine Dufilho
Timothée Bocage

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