Street art, illustration and skateboarding.

Bonobolabo by Marco Miccoli is the reference point in Italy regarding the fans and the street artists. On top of the skateboard deck you have the skateboarder’s feet and under the deck you have the storytelling portrayed by graphics designed by the artists themselves.

Since 2013 a lot of artists and illustrators have been collaborating in highlighting innovative projects directly on skateboards and screen prints: Ale Giorgini, Alessandro Ripane, Andrea “Ravo” Mattoni, Basik, Camilla Falsini, Codeczombie, Ericailcane, Laurina Paperina, Lucamaleonte, LRNZ, Marcantonio, Mauro Gatti, Millo, NemO’s, No curves, Van Orton, Zed1 and many more.
Marco, in addition to being a skater since 1988, is the curator of the Subsidenze Street Art Festival in Ravenna, which in only 5 years has showcased 25 considerable size art walls created by international artists.

Since 2016 Marco has collaborated with Magazzeno Art Gallery where he presents his projects.

Every single deck is hand-crafted and made in Italy which has been brought to life by expert craftsmen. The graphics created in collaboration with the artists are all supported by the augmented reality thanks to the team of animators of Alkanoids. Alkanoids is an important studio based in Milan which invented the free app for smartphones “Aria the AR Platform”.
The combination of all these factors make Bonobolabo one of a kind and the cherry on top is that for every artist deck sold, a tree will be planted thanks to the website Treedom.


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