The Kamellebuttek was founded in 2018 by the two artists Raphael GINDT and Daniel Mac LLOYD, who put heart and soul in this project and is more than just a gallery over three floors.

It has evolved from artist studios to a showroom to a space of cultural encounters. Our concept is to overcome the purely commercial setting of a classic art gallery. We aim to make the gallery a place where collaborations emerge, where artists can gather, and where culture is open to everyone.



On the occasion of the District 13 Art Fair Paris, the Kamellebuttek gallery would like to present two locally known Luxembourgish streetartists/urban artists. Although Luxembourg is a rather small country, its urban art scene is growing and showing promising developments in recent years. We therefore present the colorful works of the gallery’s two founding artists, Raphael Gindt and Daniel Mac Lloyd. Besides one large work per artist, smaller works will also be on display. The large works are the most representative, as they feature techniques similar to those they use to create their murals. Additionally, we will be adding artist duo Kit Empire (David Omhover and Emmanuel Fey) and Koga One (Matthieu Koga) to our catalogue.

In addition, Kamellebuttek being synonymous with an open cultural space, we wish to broaden our horizon by promoting a cultural and social exchange with other exhibiting galleries and artists.



Raphael Gindt
Daniel Mac Lloyd
Kit Empire
Koga One (Matthieu Koga)

14, Rue Marcel Reuland
L-4305 Esch-sur-Alzette
+352 621 519 480

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