The Deux6 gallery is the result of a meeting between artists and art lovers: Alexia and Tanguy Lieske, William Delcour and the resident artist Tomadee whose creative studio is located just below the gallery.

Deux6 is a place dedicated to collaboration and discovery. It is a window of expression on the international artistic community, specialized in urban art, contemporary figurative and kinetic minimalism.
Create together. Accompanied by a cabinet of curiosities, the Blink Art Store, Deux6 wishes to explore the boundaries between art, craftsmanship and graphic design and offer a forum for dialogue between the various players in the art world. Working hand in hand, the team offers several skills within the framework of a gallery, a creative studio and a large format professional digitization workshop.

French artist based in Paris, Tomadee (1979) works in illustration, typography, figurative painting and collage. We frequently meet him in the streets of Paris, composing his works on the walls, sometimes collecting used posters, the artist’s favorite material. This torn paper that is found in almost all of his works, Tomadee also collects it from all over the world. A key element of his artistic process, he tears, glues and recomposes these accumulated images and creates an explosive visual microcosm, in the image of its author. In the hectic chaos of his compositions, he brings out multiple characters, a true signature of the artist.

From his many years working in the world of advertising, he has learned to use the codes of our time and invites us in his personal work to see the world from an offbeat but benevolent perspective. The influences and subjects that animate it will speak to everyone, popular culture, music and cinema from the 70s to the present day.

Galerie Deux6
66 avenue de la Bourdonnais
75017 Paris
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