Dorothy Circus Gallery

Rome, Italy / London, UK

Dorothy Circus Gallery is a space dedicated to the most intriguing avant-garde in contemporary art, throwing a spotlight on the prime movers and forerunners of the fascinating USA-born movement known as low-brow or Pop Surrealism.


The gallery is also committed to introducing the New Surrealism and Magic Realism movements to the international art scene, with the aim of always providing a complete vision of three of the main contemporary art fields: Asian Art, Street Art and Pop Surrealism.


Dorothy Circus Gallery opened in Rome in 2007 and rapidly affirmed itself within the Italian art and cultural scene. In 2017, on the occasion of its 10th year anniversary, Dorothy Circus launched a temporary gallery in the charming district of Notting Hill. The gallery subsequently moved to a permanent location a few steps from Marble Arch, at 35 Connaught Street, in November 2018, continuing to reach new audiences and to deliver thought- provoking exhibitions.


Through dedicated and rigorous research, and always anticipating market trends and interests in the global market, the gallery plays a key role in presenting renowned and established artists alongside some of the most promising artists from around the globe.


Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome
Via dei Pettinari 76
00186 Rome Italy

Dorothy Circus Gallery London
35 Connaught Street W2 2AZ
Marble Arch, London