Street Art Photo Project

Street Art Photo Project is born from the observation of the paradox often faced by street artists who exhibit in galleries. By leaving their favorite space of expression, the street, some street artists lose the possibility of contextualizing their work according to the aesthetic of a wall, a tree, a mailbox or even the entire district.

SAPP’s objective is to rediscover the essence of street art, the production of works in urban space, whether clandestine or subsidized, and to faithfully transmit the spirit of each artist through the prism of photography.

Photographing these works means perpetuating them, making them visible to the greatest number of people and offering everyone the opportunity to live with a small piece of what street art is all about.

Street art is a powerful and direct communication medium, often engaged, socially, politically or ecologically.

Like this movement, Street Art Photo Project had to support associations dedicated to the protection of the environment and wildlife.