How to go about it when you want to buy your first work of art, or even aim for a small collection?
Stéphanie Chardeau-Botteri takes care of everything and you in particular. A collector for herself for two decades, Stéphanie began by acquiring old works, then more and more modern, to gradually turn to contemporary art and Street Art in particular.

Encouraged by her friends who in turn wanted to collect, she launched her private art sales company in 2012, under the name of Caillebotteri. Growing up in a family of renowned artists and knowledgeable collectors, Stéphanie developed a taste for collecting and acquiring works of art very early on. After studying law and art history, she quickly trained her eye to become an expert in impressionist and modern paintings, since 1996. Working with major French and international auction houses; the art world holds no secrets for her.

It is through exhibitions-vernissages organized at her home, or personal meetings with the artists that Stéphanie will present you accessible works, ranging from 500€ to 10,000€. Having gone to live for three years in New York and then in London, she continued her exhibitions, which she completed with conferences promoting French Street Art artists. She is indeed certain that this movement will mark the 21st century, which is why her personal collection already has more than fifty pieces!

Back in France, she is now presenting a new exhibition of Street Art artists. Some are already well known like Miss Tic, C215 or Jérôme Mesnager.
Others are pearls to discover, such as FKDL, Polar Bear or Mr Lolo. But there is also an American artist that she wants to reveal in France, Joe Iurato. Well known in New York for its figurines hidden in the city.

Do not hesitate to push the door of her gallery, you will always be guided with tact, never pushed to buy, the only desire of Stéphanie being to make you discover artists and works that you will like.


Miss Tic
Jérôme Mesnager
Joe Iurato
Polar Bear
Mr Lolo