London, UK

Located in Shoreditch, London (at the end of Brick Lane) StolenSpace Gallery is now in our eleventh year exhibiting a genre of artwork that has been variously labelled as ‘Underground Art’, ‘Street Art’ or ‘Urban Art’.

Some of our artists have an Urban Art background in Graffiti and Street Art, but not exclusively – all however, are influenced by society’s prevailing subcultures where there are few rules and anything is possible.


At StolenSpace we continue to offer the life-giving vitality of this environment an alternative artistic home, after being long overlooked by traditional galleries. The diversity of our Urban Art on show continues to boast why StolenSpace Gallery has such a high reputation as the top destination for Street Art.

StolenSpace works closely with our artists – creating an inclusive and unique relationship with both artist, client and viewer in a fresh, contemporary space.


Stolenspace Gallery
17 Osborn Street
London UK E1 6TD