Established in 2023 and located in the heart of the Parisian street art scene in the 13th arrondissement, Heart Gallery is a gallery that blends urban and contemporary art. The gallery is committed to promoting both established contemporary artists and emerging talents. Like its two founders, the driving force behind their choices and the gallery’s editorial line is a passion for artistic adventure.

Heart Gallery also stands for a powerful idea: democratizing the art world by allowing gallery community members to be actively involved in selecting emerging artists. How? Discover their online voting system on their website or pay them a visit at the fair!

Featured Artists:

FKDL: He began painting and drawing in the 1980s. A dedicated archivist and passionate collector, he has preserved various magazines over time, which serve as a testament and legacy of an era, an aesthetic, or a fashion. His collages can be found all over the streets of Paris and worldwide.

Niack: An artist from Mulhouse, self-taught and from the graffiti world. He started tagging in his hometown from a young age. His persistent nature led to the creation of his moniker “Niack.”

Slick: A self-taught French artist who stylizes his moniker on the streets and is involved in various collectives. As he matured, he turned toward studio work and drew inspiration from a more intimate aesthetic exploration.



Artistes représentés


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