In 2023, drawing from ten years of experience as an artist and later as the director of a Parisian gallery, Hamza Djelassi established H.D Gallery – an acronym of his first and last name – with the aim of breaking down the barriers that persist between the worlds of post-graffiti, street art, modern art, and contemporary art. For Hamza Djelassi, the exhibition space is a place for dialogue between artists, visitors, and collectors.

His artistic direction, inspired by a passion for creation, arises from encounters with artists, their works, and their artistic approaches. The selection of artists he represents, which he never confines to a single medium, aesthetic, or generation, is based on their human qualities, common values, and passionate relationships with art.

To foster new affinities between generations of artists, H.D Gallery expands its activities into the secondary market, featuring works by artists like Pierre Soulages and Banksy, to name a few. The goal is to interweave perspectives, from modern to contemporary, from urban space to the gallery, as his ambition lies in a persistent desire to contribute to greater accessibility to art and diversify the faces of collectors. “Crossing the threshold of the Gallery and acquiring a work of art should be within everyone’s reach,” says its director.

You can find H.D Gallery at 45 rue Vivienne and at various international art fairs.

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