Since 2012 Stick Together has exhibited unique artists worldwide, sparked projects and backed nonprofit events that create strong environments through art. Based in Amsterdam, a city founded by cultural progression and artistic exploration, our identity eclipses into an art gallery housing some of the most prolific and established artists in the clever niches of contemporary art. We are proud to recognize our history and involvement due to our professional standards, positive participation, and authentic artist selection.

Artist Max Zorn shapes layers upon layers of brown packing tape on acrylic glass that, when illuminated from behind, reveal contrasts and warmth that has stunned the art world. In 2011 Zorn emerged as an urban artist who hung tape on street lamps. Using the night as his setting and sepia-toned tape as his medium on acrylic glass, his work dotted the streets of European capitals from Lisbon to Berlin. His work has since evolved into solo exhibitions from museums to galleries with an international resume spanning from Art Basel Hong Kong to Miami. His large scale production of tape masterworks is based in Amsterdam.