Backside Gallery

Marseille, France

Backside Gallery is a furtive gallery, accessible but honest, like the artists it represents and the movement that is dear to him, the graffiti.


Located in Marseille at the foot of the historic district of the Panier, the first will of the gallery is to support international artists and French from graffiti whose talent is no longer to prove, in accordance with his convictions and that, to feed an audience always on the lookout.


From Gris1, Brusk, members of the famous DMV, through Sozyone Gonzalez, Erell, John Kviar, Neurone, 1010, David Mesguich and many others …! Backside Gallery has a very diverse network of artists that it shares with care and passion. It has become the underground reference place of a trendy, trendy, demanding and specialized clientele, always in demand of exclusivities and new artistic experiences.


During this last decade, Backside Gallery has worked successfully on the development of young artists from the graffiti culture and suddenly, the rise of the young guard of graffiti. With more than 20 years of experience in graffiti, Backside Gallery is one of the first galleries in the south of France dedicated to post-graffiti.


John Kviar
Maksim Lopez
Jean-Pierre Maero
David Mesguich


88 Rue de l'Évêché
13002 Marseille